Our values

The values of EU Staff for Climate are:

  • responsibility
  • honesty
  • solidarity
  • kindness
  • participation


  • We see the green transition as our personal responsibility as EU staff working for the public interest.
  • We see it as our responsibility as individual citizens.
  • We strive to lead by example both as EU staff and as individuals.


  • We courageously speak the truth, even when it is uncomfortable.
  • We speak out against insufficient and incoherent action, greenwashing and fudging. No nonsense, no lies.


  • We work for a fair and just transition.
  • We take the long-term perspective for future generations.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate our interconnection with all humans, animals, plants, ecosystems and the web of life.


  • We are caring, mindful and respectful of each other, and work to understand and support each other.


  • The group is open to all EU staff (including retired colleagues).
  • We work in a participative, collective, inclusive and cooperative way, co-creating the future together.