A bottom-up initiative bringing together colleagues from the EU institutions who are deeply concerned about the climate, ecological and social crises facing our planet.

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EU staff fund supports Italy after May floods

In May, Italy was affected by one of the most serious climate-related disasters in its history. The fund team intends to dedicate the next round of donations to help citizens and organisations in the flooded areas to recover from this terrible disaster.

EU staff fund news: Mamagea

A food forest connecting a school with its community in Thessaloniki (Greece) During the latest round of donations from the EU Staff Fund for a Fair and Sustainable Future, donated 20,000 euros to the Greek environmental organisation Mamagea for their project Green Sustainable Paths.  Mamagea will help a Thessaloniki primary school and the surrounding neighbourhood co-create…

EU staff fund: €180,000 disbursed to 11 organisations

In the spring of last year, the EU Staff for Climate team behind the EU Staff COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund – Bruno, Elena, Minna and Nikos – decided that it was time to shift to longer-term action to promote a recovery based on the principles of fairness and sustainability. The EU Staff Fund for a…

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