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The EU staff COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund has already supported 48 organisations in Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia, helping them address the effects of the pandemic.

See here some of the actions we supported.

hROM CB – Czechia

E-learning support for Roma children

The organisation aims to promote education in families where this is less valued, and therefore the effects of closing schools might be particularly ill-fated. We donated €11,000 euros to provide ICT equipment and set up a mentorship programme involving local youngsters. They visit their mentees in their home or in a community centre for 4 hours a week and help them organise their study, learn how to use a computer and provide extra learning support.

Levsos Solidarity – Greece

Medical and psychological support in Mytilene

With €15,000 we helped provide medical and psychological support to 100 people among refugees, local inhabitants and NGO’s field workers to help them cope with the pandemic. LeSol also raises awareness about Covid-19 and prevention methods and provide personal protective equipment, disinfectant and rapid tests to the population and the local hospital.

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MoST – Croatia

Support for homeless people

MoST provides care for homeless people in the area of Split. We gave €10,000 to support 120 peole who are served by this organisation. They recevied food packages, anti-Covid supplies, plus other equipment to make their shelters Covid-proof. We helped also equip a printing workshop to offer an occupational activity to the beneficiaries of the centres.

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BCause Foundation – Bulgaria

Supporting women shelters during COVID-19 cirisis

The pandemic and the lockdowns has determined a spike in domestic violence. We gave €10,000 to by BCause Foundation and the Bulgarian Fund for Women to help organisations for victims of domestic violence upscale their activities and adapt their shelters to cope with COVID-19 safety measures by acquiring PPE and medical supplies for staff and beneficiairies.

Fundacja Ocalenie – Poland

Building a shelter from the pandemic for migrants

We gave €15,000 for the Welcome Home programme, which supports refugee families in Warsaw and Łomża by providing food and hygiene products, rent subsidies, family assistance, Polish language courses, psychotherapy, support for finding stable employment, education and legal assistance

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Fundacja Pokolenia – Poland

Supporting the vulnerables on two wheels

We gave €20,000 to support disabled, elderly and other vulnerable people in Tchew by providing food, medecins and hygiene products, books, and access to public and post services, all by bike. They also fix old bikes and donate them to people otherwise faced with mobility issues due to the pandemic.

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Pe Stop – Romania

Fighting period poverty in Bucharest

25% of Romania’s population is living at risk of poverty and women are more vulnerable to poverty than men. With €10,000 we help Pe Stop provide 4 months’ worth of masks, hand sanitiser and menstrual products to 350 women and girls between the ages of 10 and 55, for whom the pandemic has meant the loss of the majority of their income.

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Bunul Samaritean – Romania

Supporting vulnerable children and elderly in rural areas

With €5,000, we helped this charity reopen their Day Centre in Galați County and offer hot meals, drinks, showers, counselling and medical assistance to children from disadvantaged families. With other €5,000, we helped provide 2 months’ worth of food, toiletries, cleaning supplies and PPE equipment for 200 disabled, elderly and vulnerable families.

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Faros – Greece

Suppoting refugee children during the pandemic

Faros provides unaccompanied refugee children and young people in Athens with accommodation, access to legal services, psychosocial support, formal and non-formal education, and mentoring. With €15,000, we cover the salary of a psychosocial operator, non-food items, and the rent of their drop-in centre.

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Food Bank Attica – Greece

Emergency food fund for the most vulnerable

With € 10,000 we helped the distribution of about 400 food packages for more than 2,400 beneficiaries in Attica. This will cover the needs of beneficiaries for one month and be delivered through a network of local non-profits including homes for the elderly, childcare institutions, organisation supporting people with disabilities and soup kitchens.

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Rede de Emergencia Alimentar – Portugal

Emergency food response to families in need

With €10,000, we supported this action promoted by the Federation of Portuguese food banks to provide basic food (milk, dairy products, rice, oil and cereals) to families suddenly caught by lay off and unemployment, as a consequence of the lockdown. The action supports 12,000 families in the whole country.

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Student Keep – Portugal

Ensuring access to online schooling to all

With €10,000, we helped Student Keep and the movement #tech4COVID19 provide IT equipment to children and young people otherwise with no access to online schooling. So far more than 1150 IT equipment has been donated to pupils and students in the whole country.

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CESVI – Italy

Support to the elderly in Bergamo and Milan

People over 65 are most at risk and strongly suffer from isolation. CESVI helps them with food, medicines and personal protective equipment, as well as safe transport and home support to more than 1,100 old people. With €10,000 we provide 200 family packages and 150 hours of home support.
(photo: Giovanni Diffidenti)

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La Comunità – Italy

Support to vulnerable and COVID-19 affected families

With €10,000 we help to provide food and medicines as well as social and psychological assistance to 75 vulnerable families in Genoa and welcome 20 children, whose parents are COVID-19 affected, in a specific building where they can spend their quarantine period with educational support.

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Fundació Galatea – Spain

Psychological support to health professionals

Fighting COVID-19, health professionals experience great mental and emotional distress. With €15,000 we help providing 3 sessions of professional psychological support to 166 health professionals to promote their capability to cope with the emergency.

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Cruz Roja – Spain

Practical and psychological support to the elderly

We donated €15,000 to their programme Cruz Roja RESPONDE. They will provide 370 old people in situation of physical and social fragility with food, personal hygiene and household cleaning products as well as psychological support for coping with isolation.

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Bancos de los Alimentos -Spain

Food distribution to vulnerable families

We donated €10,000 to Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos-FESBAL for provinding 500 food packages including 2,000 kg of pasta, 2,000 kg of tinned food, 1,000 kg of rice, 1,000 l of cooking oil and 1,000 l of milk.

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Emergency – Italy

Medical assistance and support to the population

We donated €25,000 to provide 400 people with access to primary healthcare and socio-sanitary assistance. Emergency is currently active in Bergamo, Milan, Brescia, Venice and Piacenza, our support is going to contribute to expanding their action to other 6 regions in Italy.
(photo: Archivio Emergency)

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