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The EU staff COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund has made its first donations to assist the population in Italy and Spain.

Emergency – Italy

Medical assistance and support to the population

We donated €25,000 to provide 400 people with access to primary healthcare and socio-sanitary assistance. Emergency is currently active in Bergamo, Milan, Brescia, Venice and Piacenza, our support is going to contribute to expanding their action to other 6 regions in Italy.
(photo: Archivio Emergency)

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Bancos de los Alimentos -Spain

Food distribution to vulnerable families

We donated €10,000 to Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos-FESBAL for provinding 500 food packages including 2,000 kg of pasta, 2,000 kg of tinned food, 1,000 kg of rice, 1,000 l of cooking oil and 1,000 l of milk.

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Cruz Roja – Spain

Practical and psychological support to the elderly

We donated €15,000 to their programme Cruz Roja RESPONDE. They will provide 370 old people in situation of physical and social fragility with food, personal hygiene and household cleaning products as well as psychological support for coping with isolation.

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Fundació Galatea – Spain

Psychological support to health professionals

Fighting COVID-19, health professionals experience great mental and emotional distress. With €15,000 we help providing 3 sessions of professional psychological support to 166 health professionals to promote their capability to cope with the emergency.

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La Comunità – Italy

Support to vulnerable and COVID-19 affected families

With €10,000 we help to provide food and medicines as well as social and psychological assistance to 75 vulnerable families in Genoa and welcome 20 children, whose parents are COVID-19 affected, in a specific building where they can spend their quarantine period with educational support.

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CESVI – Italy

Support to the elderly in Bergamo and Milan

People over 65 are most at risk and strongly suffer from isolation. CESVI helps them with food, medicines and personal protective equipment, as well as safe transport and home support to more than 1,100 old people. With €10,000 we provide 200 family packages and 150 hours of home support.
(photo: Giovanni Diffidenti)

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